To create a culture of learning one needs to be aware of the changing needs of children in the rural communities. One of the common threads is the need for basic comfortable school clothing. Clothing which is not filled with holes or ill fitting. We strive to address this specific need and irradicate the embarrashment of wearing broken clothes or not having the correct school clothing. 
We are working to create a culture of learning. We believe through education you can lift yourself out of cycle of poverty. 
While some children might complain about having to wear school clothing everyday, many children in poorer communities have only one set of clothes.
They often have to wear the same clothes for school and to play at home for days without a change. This is reality for most children in the rural communities in and around the Western Cape.
How would you manage if you had to walk for more than 3 kilometers to school with shoes that are too small and no socks, or no shoes at all? Would you attend school without underwear? 
The provision of school clothes to these children is about more than comfort: it is about eradicating the embarrassment of not having any underwear. Children should not be subjected to this. We really have very little choice. We have to step in and help.
How do we do this?....

We request the teachers to provide us with a list of children and their needs. Sometimes it is a rain jacket or jersey and sometimes it is much more….. from underwear to the complete set of school clothes.

A formal visit to the school to confirm the need and identify the children, is soon followed by a bus trip to the local store where the children are provided with whatever is necessary.

A positive spin-off of this increased supply of school clothing is of course the employment creation, as  most of this clothing is proudly made in South Africa.

Broken Socks