We believe education is the key to changing the future of our country and the world. We see education as the central trunk of the Big Tree, which is why our project is focused on rural children and their needs for school clothing. Working to support the schools and educators, we act to improve conditions both in and out of the classroom – we provide comfortable school clothing - being comfortable in the classroom has a direct affect on the learners ability to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. 
Many rural childen are living in a challenging environment with ever changing conditions. 
“The fate of empires depends on the education of youth.” - Aristotle
Our Vision ....
To create a culture of learning among the youth in the rural communities of the Western Cape. A future where people are respected and able to lift themselves out of cycle of poverty.
Our Mission ....
Our mission is to make a lasting and positive impact on rural children through the provision of comfortable school clothing which directly affects their learning experience.
“One must be the change one wishes to see in the world.”   - Mahatma Gandhi