Big Tree Inspiration



Our Inspiration....story of an African Tree

Through the shimmering haze, a small boy emerges, his face wet with tears. He is running towards us seeking shelter from the sun and a place to tend to his wound. Come sit and rest my boy.

My old friend and I are pleased to have him here; we are pleased that we can offer him some comfort. What happened, my son? More children come running. They sit, resting while my friend; an old man now, recalls the moments he found comfort here with me. He tells stories which have been pasted from his father and his father’s father. He can’t say who made up these stories or if they were of real events. The one common thread is that the message was always the same – be humble, be kind, respect all people and above all be ready to learn. You are never too old to learn.

As the day fades, the men arrive with news of the wider world and tell stories of the day and the events that helped to shape the day and even tomorrow. The children listen carefully as the stories turn again to the myths and legends of earlier times – the women come closer - an entire community sharing food and drink, teaching of yesterday, dreaming of tomorrow.
I feel warm inside. I am glad to provide a place for all to share. I am honored they choose me. I will be here tomorrow tall and strong ready to provide the shelter from rain or sun because here they are protected to learn how to be humble, how to be kind, how to show respect and above all to always be ready to learn.
I am the Big Tree.